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Award-Session AP10 PreAmp
Award-Session AP10 PreAmpThe ever popular GG10 acoustic pre-amp pedal is back in production.

But it will be called the AP10 from now on because that's what it is known as in USA. The AP10 is exactly the same as the old GG10, except it has an added XLR output because of those lazy sound engineers wanting to connect to the PA system with a standard mic cable. Apart from that, its what you've been asking for. OK?
It has the same natural acoustic tone... well, just look at these ‘real life’ specifications.


10M ‘Mega-Z’ input impedance. Essential for un-preamped valuable collectable instruments.
‘Mute’ footswitch for silent instrument changes.
Full-time buffered tuner out - works even when output muted, for silent tuning.
Hi/Lo Gain switch + Gain.
HF Roll-off filter switch.
3 Band ‘NearMic™’ EQ.
Master Volume.
XLR and Jack outputs, with simultaneous operation ability.

The AP10 Acoustic Guitar PreAmp/Pedal
The UKs top acoustic instrumentalist, Gordon Giltrap, still uses his. Hear it in action on his latest CD...‘Under This Blue Sky’. For more info go to Was GG10 Available Now!

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