Johnny Atomic's Fur Peace Photo Page

Along the way to the ranch:
Corvette factory in Bowling Green Kentucky

A drug store shaped like a mortar and pestle KOOKY! (Lexington KY i think)

Roadside Dinosaur

Don't be afraid, a giant hand came from the heavens and smoooshed it

Saturday night Performance:

Our "professor'" Mr. Bill Kirchen performing Sat night at the FP Station

Jack O'Dell on the skins

Johnny Castle on stage w/ BK and JO

Bill and Jorma

More Bill and Jorma (i like this shot)

One of the many John's that attended this session

student rehearsal 34
student rehearsal 35
student rehearsal 36
student rehearsal 37
student rehearsal 38
group photo
group photo 40
group photo 41

Jorma at student performance

Acoustic class student performance

Acoustic class student performance 44

Chad and the Somethings (i forget the actual name for this band) 46
Chad 47
Chad 48
Chad 49
Cosmic Ooze (or was it Cosmic Uzi?) 51
Fabulous Frank 52
Two Johns No Waiting 54
Two Johns 55
Two Johns 57
Two Johns 59
Greg  61
Frosty 62
Frosty 63
The Hot Rod Lincoln Orchestra 66
The Hot Rod Lincoln Orchestra 67
The Hot Rod Lincoln Orchestra 68
The Sleepwalkers 69
The Sleepwalkers 70
The Sleepwalkers 71
The Sleepwalkers 72
The Sleepwalkers 73
Norm 74
Frosty 75
Pickin and Swinging 76
too much fun 77
Too much Chads 78
Johnny Atomic and too much fun 79
Vanessa, Michael, and Bill 80
Bill and Johnny Atomic 81
Bill's Box 82