This page is dedicated to all those wonderful old danelectro and silvertone guitars Made in the USA.

Updated: Aug 11, 2000
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The COMPLETE 1957 Danelectro Catalog, w/ all guitars, amps and accessories available at that time. IN COLOR (sort of)
Page 1: Cover
Page 2: U1 and U2
Page 3: U3 and UB2 (Bass Six YEAH DADDY-O)
Page 4: Amps
Page 5: Amps
Page 6: Amps
Page 7: Amps (the ulitimately cool, commando and master/slave amps!)
Page 8: Accessories (and the LAP STEEL!)

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here are a few of the examples of danelectro's and silvertones i have owned
Me and my Truck
Hippy Bass, Flower child painted U1 silvertone bass
1956 silvertone U2
1950's Danelectro U1
1959 silvertone U1
1960's silvertone amp in case 2 PU
1960's Convertable Acoustic (no pickup)
1959 Convertable Acoustic w/ pickup
1959 Companion the convertable's rarer cousin pictured w/ a cool rickenbacker and my jukebox
MY 1958 Six/Six Double neck, only six/fours were cataloged, RARE!!!
1962 Double Neck 6/4 another Stan and Dan TOO COOL!
1961 Silvertone U1 Brown w/ gold glitter, and matching brown w/ gold glitter amp and black and white case.
1960 Silvertone U1 Brown w/ gold glitter, like above
1965 Silvertone U1 Bass
1960's Danelectro Pro 1 in see-thru blue
1960's Danelectro Pro 1 in standard brown
1959 Danelectro Shorthorn Standard
1964 Danelectro Deluxe Handvibrato One Pickup
1964 Danelectro Deluxe Handvibrato Two Pickup

A Unique comparision of two guitars (one a 1960 the other a 1961) that look virtually identical from the front but quite different from the back.

Photos By Other Folks

Ron The EH man, master of all things Electro Harmonix with his Danelectro longhorn

A GREAT Old photo from the 60's of Steve Kirchuk as an Early teen w/ his Granny and his BRAND NEW covertable

DaveVanderlinde's 1959 Silvertone model 1417

Jimi Hendrix w/ his shorthorn when he was still James Marshall Hendrix

Shane Kelly's Oh so Cool  Fretless longhorns and so forth

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a very, very cool Danelectro info site, headstocks, serial #'s, etc.

Jerry Jones Guitars, the true heir to the danelectro legacy.

The EH page, all things vintage Electro Harmonix
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i welcome any other photos or stories of danelectros that any of you may have, please email them to me.
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